Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Opiate of the masses?

Ramadan during the time of the Prophet (saw), the Sahaba (ra) and the early generations was often a time in which the Ummah had to fight battles to liberate lands from the oppression and tyranny of man made laws, to protect the honour and lives of persecuted Muslims.

These days, Ramadan is only talked about in the context of fasting, praying, reading Quran and donating to charities. The comprehensive ideology of Islam is being reduced in peoples minds to an ascetic religion of apologists and pacifists, also known as "moderates". A religion in which they lie that the word 'Zakah' is charity, even though the Prophet (saw) made it a tax and NOT charity. A religion in which they use twisted words to suggest that Jihad, especially "greater jihad" is the battle against the self even though the term Jihad in the context of Quran and Sunnah frequently refers to fighting wars with swords and arrows; in fact in the Quran, the term 'Qitaal' is also used, which is even more explicit.

The ideology (complete deen) of Islam can lift the scourge of misery that the Ummah currently faces; whether it is genocide in Burma and Central African Republic, or the occupation of Palestine, or the drone bombings against Afghanistan, Somalia, Pakistan etc. On the other hand, the "religion" of Islam is merely an opiate of the masses.

TMQ 2:217 They ask thee concerning fighting in the Prohibited Month. Say: "Fighting therein is a grave (offence); but graver is it in the sight of Allah to prevent access to the path of Allah, to deny Him, to prevent access to the Sacred Mosque, and drive out its members." Tumult and oppression are worse than slaughter. Nor will they cease fighting you until they turn you back from your faith if they can. And if any of you Turn back from their faith and die in unbelief, their works will bear no fruit in this life and in the Hereafter; they will be companions of the Fire and will abide therein.