Friday, 26 December 2014

Who destroyed Jamal's house?

(Part 1)

This was the house that Jamal built.

This was the bulldozer that knocked down the house
that Jamal built.

This was the man who operated the bulldozer that
knocked down the house that Jamal built.

This was the order given by the Yehudi "authorities"
to the man who operated the bulldozer to knock down
the house that Jamal built.

These are the weapons of the Yehudi "authorities" that
keep them in power to give the order to the man who
operated the bulldozer to knock down the house that
Jamal built.

This is the British and American government that
supply the weapons of the Yehudi "authorities" that
keep them in power to give the order to the man who
operated the bulldozer to knock down the house that
Jamal built.

Understand what this means? Where do Muslims fit into this equation
at the moment? Well, I'll go into that in part two


I could continue discussing this same scenario, by
outlining how Muslims have used haram methods thinking
that their actions would be of 'benefit' to the Ummah.
For example, I could go on to say:

"This is the vote that the Muslims gave to George Bush
who supplies the weapons of the Yehudi "authorities"
to keep them in power to give the order to the man who
operated the bulldozer to knock down the house that
Jamal built."

In which case, such Muslims are partly responsible for
their role in participating in the Kufr system because
voting in Kufr elections is haram, whether it is done
for benefit or not. Muhammad (saw) said:

"Allah does not punish the general public because of
the wrong doing of specific people until they see the
evil (committed) among them while able to stop it and
they do not. If they do that, Allah will punish the
specific people and the general public".

He (saw) considered that if a people follow someone
who rules with kufr and accept it, then the people are
partner to that sin as he (saw) says:

"Whoever accepted what they did and submitted to that,
then he would not be safe from the sin".

The whole purpose of writing this is twofold: one is
to illustrate that Jamal is not the only Muslim
involved in this story. This story is not about one
person, it is about the state of the Ummah as a whole,
that one Muslim can go through this, while others vote
and support the very system that caused Jamal to be
oppressed in this way.

The other reason for writing this is to illustrate
what the real problem is for the Ummah. The problem
for Jamal as well as most Muslims in the world, is not
a lack of resources. The Ummah is blessed with
resources of all kinds. Jamal's problem is not
homelessness. I recall one charity asking "how will
we house all these people?" when a block of flats were
destroyed in Palestine. The problem for those
residents was not lack of housing, before the
bulldozers arrived THEY HAD HOUSES!

The problem is the very system the people are living
under is kufr. The palestinians have housing and
food, but the Yehud have spent years destroying it and
keeping it away from them. The most obvious
conclusion to draw from this is that the problems of
people such as Jamal will not be solved by sending
food and building another house. It can be knocked
down as quickly as the previous one, besides, the
initial problem is not housing, it is the inherently
corrupt kufr system that operates to oppress the
Ummah. Get rid of the kufr system that caused this
problem, then Jamal's symptomatic problem of
homelessness would not have started in the first

The kufr system was responsible for destroying Jamal's
house, as were the people, Muslim and non Muslim who
accept and/ or support such a system. The Islamic
system is the only system that can solve this problem
from the roots.

If the Muslims spend all their time lobbying the
oppressors themselves, or trying to rebuild the
demolished houses, the system responsible for the
homelessness and oppression will still be in place and
the Ummah's charity work in the hope of alleviating
these symptoms will never end, because the cause of
the problem is still there. If the cause of the
problem is not tackled, the Ummah will never attain
the Khilafah, the only possible solution. The only
solution that would rid the Ummah of the problem
itself and it's symptoms inshallah. This should be
the aim of the Muslims of today.

Islam is the deen, the way of life, not just a mere
religion. Just as Muslims are commanded to pray and
fast, the Ummah also have to implement Islam in
society. How is a Muslim supposed to flog a drinker
or escape the traps of riba whilst in poverty when
there is no Islamic system implemented in society to
protect the Muslims from oppression and sin? Islam
NEVER advocates "democracy", "capitalism" or other
ideologies to take it's place in ruling. As Muhammad
(saw) said:

"Whoever brings in our matter (deen) that which is not
part of it, it is rejected"

As the Quran says:

"And rule among them by what Allah has revealed and
follow not their desires away from the Truth which has
come to you" TMQ- Al Maida:48

Read the above ayah carefully. Notice it says to rule
by what Allah (swt) has revealed. Well face it, Allah
(swt) did not reveal capitalism or democracy as a
method to implement the deen. Democracy, like any
form of kufr, is just another method disuading Muslims
from living their lives according to Islam. The kufar
know they cannot disuade us from Islam completely, but
in some matters, they try to corrupt Muslims by
claiming that we can allow some forms of kufr in some
aspects of our lives. Allah (swt) says in the Quran:

"And rule among them by what Allah has revealed and
follow not their desires and beware that they might
seduce you from some of what Allah has revealed to you" TMQ Al Maidah:49

(Something I wrote back in 2001- permission to share/copy paste)

Monday, 3 November 2014

Don't judge me?

I'm hearing this "don't judge me" nonsense so much these days that I've even noticed some Muslims saying it when in fact this statement contradicts Allah's (swt) order in the Quran to judge on the basis of what Allah has revealed! Of course we are also told to not be hypocritical or arrogant about it, but let's not follow people into the lizard hole by falsely claiming that we're not allowed to judge anyone.

Friday, 17 October 2014

Four legs good; two legs bad

White kafir blood valuable; darkie Muslim blood cheap (hoping readers are familiar with Orwell)

Monday, 29 September 2014

You don't need to be...

I dedicate this message to the newsmedia and all the sheeple who fall for their crap.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Free Palestine?

If you look at the carnage in Gaza and think that it can be stopped by ignoring Allah's commands, by ignoring the Quranic verses on jihad, by ignoring the verses regarding ruling by Allah's (swt) law- then you have already failed! What is written in the Quran is being ignored and meanwhile, thousands if not millions of Muslims are diving into superfluous time wasting ranging from boycotts, to marches, to supermarket sit ins- there is nothing in Islam which recommends or suggests dealing with the Ummah's affairs in such a way. I'm trying to figure out why so many Muslims have got it into their heads that they might have a chance at helping to Free Palestine if they turn to the same kufr governments and organisations who have already expressed their enmity to Allah (swt) and His deen and who have already expressed their full support of Israel? To refer to a token ceasefire as a 'victory' for the Ummah is pathetic- is that really the best we can do?

Sunday, 17 August 2014


It would've been a little obvious to mention the topic of homosexuality in the context of the people of Lot (as), but it occurred to me that these days, there's been an influx of memes and profile images that depict supporting the cause of homosexuality with the equal sign, as if to say that society should view homosexual marriage as equal to heterosexual marriage. Such a view has become so prevalent, that people are branded as 'bigots' for disagreeing and laws are being put in place to prevent us from being open about the fact that this is something unacceptable in our religion, our culture and pretty much any other context you can think of besides the one the non Muslims are attempting to impose upon us. It led me to the conclusion that it would be more appropriate to show some of the Quranic verses regarding equality.

Sunday, 3 August 2014


I don't know where this idea stemmed from that boycotting a few products or signing a petition (to plead with the very governments that are funding, allying with and arming the Israelis) would make a jot of difference in preventing or halting the genocide of Palestinians. Such an idea did not stem from the Quran, nor the Sunnah, nor the consensus of the Sahaba (ra), yet the Islamic solution which did originate from these sources is not even a topic of discussion by most Muslims. Dear Muslims, learn from this: Umar (ra) once said that when the Muslims start seeking honour through other than Islam- Allah (swt) will humiliate us.

Monday, 30 June 2014

Ramadan Mubarak

Salam and welcome to Muslimah's alter ego. I bring to the forefront matters affecting the Ummah which should be discussed but far too often are kept under wraps instead. Let's start with some "food for thought" as to why so many of us miss the point about the simplicity of Ramadan and how it instead has become an excuse for decadence at the dinner table.
Ramadan is a month of fasting not feasting. The Messenger of Allah, praise and peace be upon him, said: "Many receive nothing from the fast except hunger and thirst."