Sunday, 17 August 2014


It would've been a little obvious to mention the topic of homosexuality in the context of the people of Lot (as), but it occurred to me that these days, there's been an influx of memes and profile images that depict supporting the cause of homosexuality with the equal sign, as if to say that society should view homosexual marriage as equal to heterosexual marriage. Such a view has become so prevalent, that people are branded as 'bigots' for disagreeing and laws are being put in place to prevent us from being open about the fact that this is something unacceptable in our religion, our culture and pretty much any other context you can think of besides the one the non Muslims are attempting to impose upon us. It led me to the conclusion that it would be more appropriate to show some of the Quranic verses regarding equality.

Sunday, 3 August 2014


I don't know where this idea stemmed from that boycotting a few products or signing a petition (to plead with the very governments that are funding, allying with and arming the Israelis) would make a jot of difference in preventing or halting the genocide of Palestinians. Such an idea did not stem from the Quran, nor the Sunnah, nor the consensus of the Sahaba (ra), yet the Islamic solution which did originate from these sources is not even a topic of discussion by most Muslims. Dear Muslims, learn from this: Umar (ra) once said that when the Muslims start seeking honour through other than Islam- Allah (swt) will humiliate us.